How To Stay Sober: 9 Answers About Staying Sober And Why You Need A Sober Community

Content Navigating the Pressure to Feel Grateful At Thanksgiving Getting Sober Without AA—What Are Your Options? Recommended Alternative Rehab-Related Articles What’s a Thirteenth Stepper? I don’t want to drink, and so I take red flags and close calls seriously. Instead, that night, I suffered through it until I felt completely sober again. If you think […]

When Does Alcohol Withdrawal Brain Fog Go Away?

Content Symptoms of Fuzzy Thinking Causes of alcohol withdrawal delirium The Effect of Alcohol on Brain Size and Brain Functioning Day 63 How to Deal with Concentration Problems in Early Recovery Concentration Problems in Early Recovery The heart is a major site of alcohol-induced organ damage, including disturbances of heartbeat rhythm . For example, the […]