I promised myself I would never program for mobile platforms again. A well-designed, responsive website gets you pretty far these days and so this is my default option. If I absolutely how to become a mobile developer had to create a mobile app, I would still choose Flutter, even if I only targeted Android. Before Android 21 (5.0), proper vector graphics were simply not supported.

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The biggest pain point for every Android developer is the huge variety of device configurations. I never quite understood why the better part of the SDK was not a dependency of my app but embedded into the device. That basically forced me to work with the support libraries and debug my app for every targeted API level. In addition to this I constantly experienced random Samsung or Huawei devices crashing on code that worked just fine on the Emulator or my test devices. For those of you who want to build apps for other businesses, app building tools like this give you the option to work with multiple templates all on the same platform. Use this guide to compare it with other app development methods.

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A mobile developer is a professional who is focused on developing software or systems for mobile devices. This role has become popular as more e-commerce and other digital interactions are taking place through smartphones and less through computers. As smartphones evolve, responsive design and other factors have made it easier for consumers to migrate to mobile platforms – and that makes the mobile developer very much in demand. Sarah is an apprentice for digital media design at Open-Xchange. As part of the mobile design team at OX, she is involved with UI, UX and graphic design for mobile applications. In her time off she likes to play video games and to create digital illustrations.

The rapid growth of the mobile space is creating a host of employment opportunities for both corporate and freelance application developers. The day-to-day for a Mobile App Developer depends on their employment. A Mobile Developer might work for a startup, a large corporation, or freelance.

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If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to make money by selling apps to other businesses, take advantage of the white labeling services. Using app builders and coding like the BuildFire SDK will also give you the opportunity to build plugins.

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